5 Easy Ways To Become An Entrepreneur

5 Easy Ways To Become An Entrepreneur

My interpretation of an entrepreneur is someone who is hard-working, resourceful, and not afraid to take risks; a person that is full of energy, not afraid of failure and who is ready to reap the rewards whatever the outcome. What are the easy ways to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying and starting a new business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources, while taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture

What does starting your own business or being your own boss mean to you? If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, as other entrepreneurs have been where you are now. Some people have entrepreneurial traits in them by virtue of their upbringing; whilst some may be a natural, who, coming from a modest background find they excel in every trade. It is either you are born with it, have it thrust upon you or through your personal circumstances.

Here Are The 5 Easy Ways To Become an Entrepreneur

1. The Zeal To Succeed
Be warned, it is never going to be easy, therefore think carefully before you take the plunge. There is going to be long hours, some sleepless nights, difficulties. Above all, you will need a huge commitment from you as well as your family if applicable.

2. Your Skills
Do you have great ideas? What are you good at doing? Chances are you are employed now, but how very good are you at what you do right now as an employee? Maybe you have other skills that you are not even utilising on a commercial level. For example, people coming to you for advice on certain issues and you are good at giving them the right information each time. Search yourself to know what aspect of your skills can be turned into a commercial venture. Invest further into your skills development to keep you up-to-date with your environment. Your skills are your goldmine to your success.

3. Your Current Circumstance
With the global economy not doing too well and more people are being laid off, the truth is that it will take some time before things normalise. What are you doing in the process of waiting to be employed yet again? If you are a middle-aged person, the chances of you getting back to that office are very slim indeed. By starting your own business based on what you used to do as an employee or for others freely, may give you more to look forward to in the future without having to rely on the state for support. You may even begin to have that independent lifestyle you have craved for all your life.

What you need to do is simply learn how to package what you already know and sell it on to the hungry market.

If you are comfortable with what you are getting from your employment however, you may not be motivated to trial the act of being your own boss.

4. Business Plan
For some businesses, this may not be relevant, but I’m in favour of having a business plan ahead of starting any business. Your business plan will highlight your budget requirements, market research, your goals and your strategies to getting to your destination of achievement. It is easy to have one done, but if you need to read one physically, Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You’ll Ever Need, will make a great read.

You can also find free resources on business plan online by googling it.

However, if your idea is very big the UK Government is willing to provide some assistance towards developing a business case and much more for start-ups and entrepreneurs, specifically if you are a foreign investor. See more details on their website.

5. Business Socialising and Networking
You may be a lone worker, to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to interact with other like-minded people. Networking with others will increase your likelihood of success especially if you are new to the trade.

Attend your local Chambers of Commerce meetings, other local business meeting events; look for mentors, invest in their training materials and build healthy relationships with people in your chosen field. Brainstorm with others and learn from their invaluable experiences.

TIP: If you are still employed, take your employment as a training you will need to become your own boss. Remember that what you do well for others you will also do for yourself.

Are you willing to give becoming an entrepreneur a trial, or are you already an established member?


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