5 Tips To Getting Things Done And Saving Time

5 Tips to getting things done and saving time

Have you ever put a value to the amount of time you put into doing a task or wondered what your time is worth? There are only 24 hours in a day, of which there are just 8 hours to do your office or business work. Huh, how fast those 8 hours go by! We all have a daily to-do-list I presume, but how do you know which of these tasks deserve to be on the top priority?

As a  small business or self-employed, chances are that you do not have enough resources to perform your daily business tasks. Hence, time management becomes a necessity for your business to survive. Being able to manage your time well allows you to plan your workload effectively or vice-versa.

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.

Here, I am sharing what I do personally to manage my daily activities with you. These will help you work smarter, save you time and help you beat work overload:

5 Tips To Getting Things Done And Saving Time

1. Create A Calendar Of To-do List For The Week


To-Do list


This is an effective way of getting things done. Put a tick √ on a completed task before moving on to the next.




2. Get the Most Important Task Finished In The Morning

By doing the most important things first and in the morning, means you have achieved something significant for the day whilst your brain is still alert. Use the time management matrix below to determine which of your tasks are the most important and which are the least; as well as urgent and not urgent.

Time management matrix

3. Allocate Time To Check Emails, Letters and Respond to Them

For example, you may want to browse through your emails and posts in the morning to see if any urgent work has slipped through into any of them. If no post or mails is urgent, leave them till the allocated time to work on.

4. Get Rid of Facebook and All Notifications From Websites

You can never believe how distracting these notifications can be if every time someone sends you a message on Facebook you have to respond to it. The fact that you can hear the notifications may tempt you, and make you lose concentration from your work. Hence, getting rid of Facebook and all notifications or anything that may cause distractions on your phone or website, may increase your productivity.

5. Keep Yourself Motivated by Giving a Little Reward After Completing a Major Task.

Congratulations, you have just completed a major task! It is time to reward yourself. It is not only children that deserve to be rewarded after accomplishing a task. I always give myself a threat to celebrate any major accomplishment.


Getting Things Done by David Allen:

How do you manage your time effectively? What do you do to achieve productivity aside from what are listed above?

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