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14 New Year Inspirational Quotes

Today marks the beginning of another book we all have to read whether we like it or not. The only difference this has with a conventional book is that it is full of blank pages to be completed as we go along. The outcome of the book will depend on what you fill the empty…

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day gift ideas

Your dad is priceless, period! Regardless of what relationship you’ve had with him, it is a good practice to honour your father at all times; not just on Father’s Day. However, Father’s Day makes it a time to build bridges, celebrate and honour the person we call dad in our lives. There must always be…

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5 Life Is Too Short Quotes To Keep You Going

5 Life Is too short quotes to keep you going

I was inspired to write this today after reading a tweet about a cancer patient, Charley who died this morning aged just 36. In her final blog before her death, she had written so many things in appreciation of her short life with her family and friends. This caused me to reflect on my own…

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