Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing Tools

You can’t talk about content marketing tools without mentioning SEO tools and your content. The basis of the contents you create is to attract searchers and ultimately make you sales. What is the use of creating content that is not seen by anyone or attract the attention that you intended it for? Before you can create a content that will grab anyone’s attention, you will need to do some research on what people are actually searching for online. This is the reason for keyword research to determine the right headline and phrase to use for your content creation. It is important that your content is geared towards your intended audience.

Scribe Content Management Tool is a research tool that gives you the ability to discover the topics that matter to your audience and much more.

Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive.

Your content must have the ability to create a spark within the social media networks, blogs, news sites etc., so much so that everyone wants to engage and share your creation. For this to happen, it must be a good quality content that have been search engine optimized to enable people see it and engage with it.
Once you have created this spark, ultimately, your search rankings will become something to reckon with amongst your competitors.

Strategies For Content Marketing Success By Scribe

1. Research
2. Optimize
3. Connect

What Are The Strategies For Creating A Good Content?

It is important that you create compelling content that rank well in the search engine; content that is loved by Google and your prospects. To do this, I’m sharing 3 key points to use for your next document or post.

i). Research
What solution can your content give to people who are searching for relevant questions?

Keyword research is very important when creating your content as this will enable your content to be seen by people searching online for it. Keyword research and SEO work hand in hand.

Content marketing toolsScribe keyword research tool

People make billions of searches each month on the internet, but what matters much is the people making ‘targeted searches’. Hence, you need to focus your attention on targeted searches people are making.

That is, let people find you with their searches.

ii). Title Tags and Headline
Your title tag is your headline.
If your headline is keyword-optimized, the chances that people will link to your title are very high. So, using the right keywords for your headline will boost your content and your conversion rate, or whatever the purpose of the content.

iii). Content
Google or the search engine as a whole favour websites whose contents are relevant and are frequently updated. Therefore, it is not a good practice to create a post once in a month or once in a life time.
If you have products or services to sell, it is good to have a blog alongside so that you can create contents that will enable searchers to read, engage and buy your offers.

The real secret to modern SEO is creating compelling content that naturally attracts links, rather than begging for links to crummy keyword-stuffed “optimized” web pages.

If you have good contents, people will engage and buy what you have to offer.

The same emotional forces that prompt people to buy can also cause other people to link from blogs, and bookmark, vote, and retweet from social media platforms. – Scribe

How Can You Create Contents When You Don’t Know How?

Scribe Content Management Software will create optimized contents for your business whenever you want them.

What can Scribe Marketing Software do better than other SEO tools:

  • Scribe allows you to do keyword research and generate content ideas
  • It analyses what you have already written
  • Gives an overview of what the search engine will think about your creation
  • It suggests changes that reflects what searchers are looking for
  • Guides you through the rest of the content based on SEO practices.

Benefits of Scribe:

  1. It discovers the correct profitable keywords
  2. Stays automatically up to speed on SEO best practices
  3. Optimizes your content better and faster

If you are keen on making more sales, attracting more customers and or gain social competitive advantage over your competitors, Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive

When you subscribe to Scribe, you can optimize content right from Scribe Web, WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal interface. Make posting and optimization become seamless with Scribe.

At just $97.00 per month, this might the solution to creating a perfect content for your business.

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Work smarter, make more profits by using the best tools to generate more traffic and leads for your business.
Find out more:
Scribe: More Traffic and Leads, Less Time and Hassle

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