How To Get Windows 10 Upgrade For Free

How To Get Windows 10 Upgrade For Free

Don’t get me wrong here. According to Microsoft itself, you are eligible for a free Windows 10 as an upgrade if you already have either Windows 7 or 8.

For the past months I have had the Microsoft ‘Get Window 10‘ icon on my laptop’s toolbar. By the way, I currently have Windows 7 installed which explains the reason for the notification. The photo above is as a result of clicking on the Windows 10 icon on my toolbar.
I’m neither a software expert nor a techie, I’m a Business Consultant; nonetheless, I can’t help but read so many news about the new Windows 10 plastered everywhere especially on all the social media platforms.
As I write this post today, the Twitter hashtag for #Windows10 is trending with over 120k Tweets.

Is Windows 10 Really FREE?

This is the question everyone wants to know including myself. Microsoft is saying that if you already have Windows 7 and above installed on your PC or laptop, then you are eligible for a free upgrade of Windows 10 if you do this within the first year of its launch.
Windows 10 upgrade will be made available FREE for your Wins 7 or 8 for a limited time only.

Windows 10 Features:

Watch the video below to see the features of the new software

However, if you have neither of Wins 7 or 8 already installed, then you won’t be getting Windows 10 free I am made to understand. You may have to buy Windows 10 should you like to have it installed on a new computer. Again, I’m not sure what will happen if you decide to buy Win 7 or 8 for the purpose of having a free upgrade to Wins 10.

Windows 10 Availability

Windows 10 will be made available to buy from August 30, 2015.

According to sources, Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s last version to be released.

Should You Worry About The Unknown?

There are many people feeling this right now.

  • The uncertainty as to if free actually means free for life
    As described by Forbes, people are suspicious about the ‘free’ promise on offer by Microsoft
  • What about licence key for free Windows 10 upgraders?

So why are people so suspicious about the ‘free’ promise? Again because Microsoft has not helped itself by remaining silent over key questions. Namely…

Can Windows 10 Benefit Your Business?

This really will depend on the nature of your business and what platform you already use (Mac or Windows).

As for me, I’m not in a hurry to upgrade. I will wait till all the testers have unearthed the bugs and it is safer and more stable for the likes of me.

Is Windows 10 really the future?
Time will tell.

What’s your verdict on Windows 10?

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