How To Turn Your Website Into an Online Store Easily

How to turn your website Into an online store easily

A Shopify Buy Now Button is the most basic functionality of Shopify Widgets. It allows you to embed a simple button to a website that you already own; allowing you to turn your website into an online store easily.

This is a great news particularly if you already have a website aside of your eCommerce website. This means that your customers can now buy from any website controlled by you at a push of a button; without having to go to your main eCommerce site.

By using Shopify Buy Button, you can embed your entire shopfront into any page of your website as shown below:

How to turn your website Into an online store easily

The Shopify Buy Button is an upgrade to the Shopify Widgets App.

The Shopify Buy Button is a Shopify sales channel that replaces the Shopify Widgets app… With just a few clicks, you can generate code you can use anywhere that allows you to edit HTML. A simple button or product embed that uses all of your existing product details, and Shopify’s secure checkout

Even if you haven’t used the widget App before, there is no need to worry as the buy button is easy to embed on any website, such as: self-hosted WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, and more.

Facts About Shopify Buy Button:

1. It allows you to monitise the traffic on your blog if it is separate from your e-Commerce store.
2. It is easy to install and use, even if you are not a techie
3. You can market and sell to any customers from any website
4. You can customise colours and layouts to suit your website
5. The Buy Button integrates seemingly with WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr; or any webpage with HTML editor.
6. It uses Shopify’s secure checkout for all purchases

It’s as easy as copying and pasting code to your website.

The Buy Button makes it easy to add e-commerce functionality to share and sell your products on any of your websites.

What Is Shopify and Who Can Use It?

Shopify is an eCommerce software that can be used by:

  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs – seasoned or beginners
  • A website owner looking to leverage the website’s contents
  • Photographers – professionals or amateurs
  • Artists, musicians, etc.,

Anyone can turn any website into an online store easily with Shopify Buy Button.
Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere.

Use Shopify Buy Buttons to start selling on your website today.
Try it for free.

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