How To Write Your First Blog Post In WordPress

How To Write Your First Blog Post In WordPress

Congratulations, you have just completed your self-hosted WordPress installation! Welcome to blogging. So what’s next? If you are wondering what the next step is, it will be to familiarise yourself with your new achievement by exploring the WordPress dashboard; then follow how to write your first blog post in WordPress. It does not matter if your theme is premium or free, the principle is the same for writing a blog post.

Here Are 5 Simple Steps To Write Your First Blog Post:

1. Access Your Dashboard

wordpress login page

WordPress Admin Log in Form

The following process applies to a self-hosted blog installed on; and NOT or, etc.

Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard) using the username and password details you saved on your notepad. Your log in url should be something like this: Clicking on this link will take you to a log in screen as shown.

A successful log in will take you to the screen below, which is your WordPress

2. Customise Your Website

At the top of the WordPress dashboard, you will see the toolbar. Click on the second icon on the left, next to WordPress logo, it would have your site written on it. Click on the logo or the ‘visit site’ to take a look at what your website looks like before you decide to customise it.

Following the order indicated in the diagram below:

How To Write Your First Blog Post In WordPress

WordPress Dashboard

Take your time to look around your website and note what needs to be changed. You are forever going to be changing things round, I promise you. Though I have had my site for some time now, I have just redesigned it, and I am still improving the new design.

The layout you are looking at is your WordPress theme, which should be the latest one available at the time you had your WordPress installation. You can also change the theme if you don’t like what you see. There are free as well as premium themes you can use with a click of your mouse.

There are also free and paid plugins if you wish to have any installed.
The key thing about this post is ‘writing your first blog post in WordPress’.

3. Write Your First Blog Post

This is assuming you have your website customised to your satisfaction. Now is the time to tell the world about what your blog or website has to offer.

There are 2 ways to write your first post:

a. Click on the ‘write your first post’ link, Next Steps – (2),  as indicated in the diagram above.

If you click on ‘write your first post’, you will be taken to a screen welcoming you to WordPress ‘Hello World!’ as a shown below.

How To Write Your First Blog Post In WordPress

This is your first post. Edit or delete it.

You can either edit this post by changing the title ‘Hello World’ and content or just delete it completely. By deleting this post means you are left with the second option, which is starting a post afresh.

b. To use option b, follow the following steps:

  • Click on ‘Post tab’ (on the left hand-side of the Dashboard) to start your new post.
  • Click the ‘Add New‘ sub-tab
  • Give your post a title that is very good for SEO, so that people can easily find it in the search engine. Enter your post body content in the box below your title using the WYSIWYG editor. Also, make sure you spell-check and save the post as a draft so that you can preview it before publishing it officially.

4. Add Category and Tags For Your Post.

Posts reside in Categories you choose for them, whilst Tags, keep related topics together.

5. Publish Your First Blog Post.

If you are satisfied with your review outcome, then you are ready to click ‘Publish’. Don’t worry if you think your first blog post does not make so much sense, believe me, you are not alone; looking back now at my first blog post makes me laugh. The good thing is that you can always go back to edit your posts as often as possible to make it relevant to your readers.

Tips For A Successful Blog Post:

  • A good and solid plan
  • Know your audience
  • Choose a must-read (catching) title for your post
  • Start your post with a brief intro that will make the reader want to continue reading
  • The ideal blog post is between 300 to 500 words long, don’t make yours too short or too long
  • Add photos and videos, because people engage more with photos and videos rather than texts only
  • Use bullet points and bold for emphasis
  • Make your post interactive

It really doesn’t matter whatever the size of your business – SMEs, Startup, Entrepreneur;  your business niche – fashion, photography, or your business location – online retailer; the process is the same for setting up and writing your first blog post.

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