Leadership Qualities That Drive Innovation

Leadership Qualities That Drive Innovation

What do Leadership, Collaboration and Innovation have in common? A good leader will have the ability to collaborate with colleagues to drive innovation in the organisation. After all, innovation is not what only one person can achieve; but by a joint effort. It will take the ability of an effective leader to derive innovation within the business.
A business that refuses to innovate or embrace change will be left behind. Hence, organisations are constantly seeking ways to better previous performances in order to remain in the competition.


No business can succeed without a good leader in the driving seat. It does not matter if you are a big or a small business. If you don’t know what your roles are as a leader of your enterprise, it won’t be long before you bid a farewell to your business. As a leader, you need the joint efforts of your followers to achieve your organisational goals.
The driving force of a successful business is its leadership


No person or business can survive alone without interaction with others. Even if you are a small business with up to 5 employees, you still need to keep your staff on board with regards to the vision of your business; brainstorm them for ideas to drive the business forward.

What if you do not have any employee? Even if you do not have any staff at all, you still need to meet with other business influencers that can help you along the way. Invest in good business books that other business experts have written, attend business meetings relative to your business so that you are aware of what is happening in your industry and the business world in general.
The idea of collaboration will give rise to innovation.

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” – Margaret Heffernan.


Every business needs to invest in innovation. Successful leaders will put ‘innovation’ at the forefront of their business agenda.

Peak levels of innovation are extremely dependent on the quality of leadership in the organization

5 Leadership Qualities That Drive Innovation

1. Leaders Collaboration With Colleagues

Going against the myth that leaders lead and others follow, according to industry expert’s research on Forbes research, leaders create visions collaboratively with colleagues rather than in a one directional way. A good leader will brainstorm his followers to find a collective way to move the organisation forward

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower – Steve Jobs

2. Leadership Trust

A good and a successful leader will build trusts with his / her colleagues. When there is an element of ‘trust‘ within a team or an organisation; between people at the top and below, people will feel relaxed to discuss and share ideas that will take the organisation forward.

To take a risk demands that you feel really safe.” “She always has our back,” said another.

Perhaps you are a leader who is facing an innovation challenge?

The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation


Take inspiration from Lina Kohanov’s book:
The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation. 

Linda Kohanov explains further on how social intelligence, leadership and innovation work hand in hand using animals – horses, as examples. Get the book, it is a must-read for the visionary leader.

Linda provides practical tools that leaders must have in order to foster true collaboration, team work, integrity and results


3. Fearless leadership

If a leader is always afraid to make a move or to take any business risks whatsoever, s/he will not get anywhere. Such leader is probably not suitable to lead the organisation. For example, innovative leaders will constantly challenge the status quo rather than do things that are politically correct. We have heard stories of Bank CEOs leaving the Bank’s funds in the capable hands of hedge fund managers known to be the highest risk takers, even when it was apparent that failure was inevitable.

4. Leadership Expertise

Of course you have to know your onions before you decide to pull the triggers. A leader pursuing innovation will need to know exactly what to do, and will need the assistance of others to reach the final destination.

5. High Goals and Standards

Iron sharpens iron. Successful and innovative leaders are known to surround themselves with the best team in order to achieve and go beyond their organisational purpose.


I wish to conclude that, innovation can be achieved through a team effort. It is not always a one-man show, but rather a collective efforts of higher achievers. A leader does not always lead while others follow.

…from this analysis is that innovation is very seldom a one-person show. It is nearly always a team effort, and the culture that spawns that effort is the result of a leader who recognizes the organizational need for innovation, and recognizes the contribution leaders make to create a culture from which innovation emerges. …Forbes

What drives you as a leader? Do you celebrate diversity, give attention to differing views, or just your will MUST be done?

Share your thoughts.
The idea of collaboration will give rise to innovation. Really? Don’t you agree?

Now over to you to critically assess this post!
How can you use others to drive innovation in your own business sector?

Are you stuck for ideas on how to take your business forward? If this is you, it is time to engage the knowledge of others to push forward. A successful business is as a result of having an effective leadership.

If you are a small business and you are the CEO of your business with fewer staff, your success will depend on how you are able to engage with others, embrace change that will send your business to the next level of success.

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What do you think? What qualities do you have as a leader of your organisation regardless of its size?

Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader?

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