So You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur

So You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur

Are you a budding entrepreneur? If this is yes, then you need to prove yourself as an entrepreneur at this year’s Great British Entrepreneur Awards coming up in July 2015. The annual event is to celebrate entrepreneurship and its contribution to the British economy.

Don’t think your hard work is being ignored. Whatever sector that your business falls into, and no matter the size, there is a place for you out of the 16 categories at this year’s event. Also, age is no restriction as there are spaces for both young and old entrepreneurs.

We witness how entrepreneurs are driving forward in the face of a challenging, fast-evolving business environment. Using innovative solutions and breaking existing paradigms entrepreneurs are a driving force in the economy. Their contributions to their industries and entrepreneurialism in the UK deserve to be recognised.

Entrepreneur Awards Categories:

There are in total 16 categories in the 2015 Great British Entrepreneur Awards; including but not limited to: Digital Entrepreneur of the Year, International Trade Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year and many more.

According to the organisers, last year’s event saw 65 businesses being recognised for their achievements; they are hoping that this year will be much more.

Last year’s Awards saw 65 entrepreneurs being recognised for their achievements. This year we are hoping to hear even more entrepreneurial success stories and celebrate their triumphs.

If you want to be among this year’s achievers, now is the time to register if you have not done so already. The closing date for entries is 31st July 2015.

How To Enter:

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and would like to take part in the awards, visit the organiser’s website to select your category; if you are a startup business, old or young, or whatever you are …preneuring (dadpreneur, mompreneur, teenpreneur), … just go here for more information.

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