The 3 Ps Of Productivity Planner

Productivity planner

Do you want to accomplish your goals, stay motivated, focused, organised and be productive in the long-term?
The Productivity Planner helps you to achieve a stress-free life, organise and simplify your work so that you can get the most important task out-of-the-way in no time.
Sectioned into three parts, this 1-page productivity planner consists of: Project, People and Priorities. It will allow you to be more efficient, focused and motivated to accomplish the day’s work.

Did you know that if you divide your tasks into smaller chunks, it makes your work clearer and easier to tackle and manage?

Yes, there are various online Apps you can download and use for your daily to-do tasks, but there are still some people, regardless of their age, who prefer the paper ways of getting things done.

According to The New York Times,

The act of writing down and checking off a task can serve to “emblazon” it in your mind and offer positive reinforcement that is both visual and tactile.

How can you be more efficient and productive on a daily basis? By using the Productivity Planner, you will create new habits that will enable you to be more focused, motivated and organised; ultimately resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Your main goal for the day is to be productive and get things done.

What Are The 3 Ps Of Productivity Planner?

1. Projects

Your projects will be your daily tasks; assuming you have 3 tasks for the day, you need to decide how to tackle each one in order to move it forward.

2. People

These are the stakeholders in the day’s workload. Who are the right contacts to accomplishing your goal?

3. Priorities

How do you decide what task to do first?


Who is this is for?

The 3 Ps of Productivity Planner is for anyone in any working environment; be it a small business or a big organisation. The people who prefer the paper ways of getting things done.
If you want to have more done effectively on a daily basis so that you can live a less stressful life, get this free download now.

“Beware of your inbox, it’s nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas.”

Are you looking for the way to best organise your daily work in order to be more productive?

Change the way you approach your day. Schedule your day with the 3 Ps of Productivity Planner. What’s more? It is FREE!

Productivity planner
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