Video Marketing For Small Business

Video marketing for small business

Time and time again, people buy from those they TRUST. However, in today’s world, videos are one of the most guaranteed ways to build trust within minutes, if not seconds and get a total stranger to enter their credit card details in order to buy something from you.

Video marketing is nothing more than using online videos to promote a business. By posting videos on sites such as YouTube, or on your own site, you can market your products and services. There are many different types of videos and ways to use them. However, this post is only focusing on ‘video marketing’ and ‘video templates’.

Video marketing seems to be the inexpensive marketing strategy for small businesses.

It is the most engaging, influential and potentially profitable and viral marketing of all the marketing strategies. If your business is not yet engaged in video marketing, then you are missing out, and could be losing some potential revenue. Video marketing has the ability to grab the attention and help you to establish authority no other form of marketing can approach.

It is therefore essential that you start to leverage this style of marketing in your strategy as soon as possible.
Video marketing is so powerful that it could be the only thing you need to get the word out about your business.

10 Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Your Business…

Whether you are creating a marketing video or just creating an About Uspage, creating a video can enhance the growth of your business…

  1. Video is highly engaging, it inspires and encourages users to act.
  2. Videos get people excited, they get people educated and of course, they build trust that words on a page cannot do alone.
  3. It is passive – your audience don’t need to do anything or put in any effort order than to watch the video
  4. It is a fantastic way to establish authority and create a relationship
  5. Video allows you to put your message across in a highly persuasive and engaging manner
  6. It let’s you speak directly to your audience
  7. You can lend personality to your organisation
  8. Music can help you sell emotional points
  9. It lends power to everything you say
  10. Not every business has a video, hence, if you do you are one of the posh few
  11. Having a video on your website projects your professionalism

Nonetheless, video marketing could harm your business if not done properly.

What is your excuse for not having a video channel or strategy? Costs, technical ability, time?
Well, not anymore, as you can now use video templates and or cheap software to create highly engaging videos that can drive traffic and earn you more clients and sales. Check out these video templates! 

Cheap Video Making Software

There are many cost-effective or cheap software such as Explaindio, EasySketch Pro, and Easy Video Suite, that you can use to create a video for your business.

  • With Explaindio, you can build explainer videos for your Business in no time at a low-cost. Explaindio makes it easy for any business to make an animated video with video templates and an easy to use drag and drop interface.
  • Easy Video Suite shows you how to record basic screen or webcam videos & get them online fast. It also allows you to market & track all your promotional videos.
  • Easy Sketch Pro is a video creation software that gives everyone the opportunity to create whiteboard sketch animation videos or “doodle” videos with a simple user interface that allows users to easily add and manipulate video elements.You can build an amazing Doodle Video in less than 10 minutes.

Whiteboard animations or sometimes called “Video Scribes / Video scribing” are extremely powerful tools when it comes to helping you explain your company’s core functions and services through video.

This is the first video, below, that I have ever made online, using a cheap and an affordable software. I assure you, my next one will be much better than this. Your first video will NOT always be the best you will make. If I could do it, so can you if you haven’t done so already.

Check it out and give your verdict:

CLICK HERE For Video Templates For Your Business

Video Templates Vs Video Production…

1. With video production, you will need to start from the scratch
2. You will need all the necessary equipment to produce a good and engaging business video for your audience
3. It can also be very expensive to make as well as not having the right skills to produce a good business video.


1. Using video template is a very cost-effective way to produce a business video fast
2. No video production skill is necessary as it has already been done for you
3. With video templates, if you can drag and drop and fill in the blanks, you are done!

Video Marketing Statistics:

  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
  • 100 million internet users watch online video single everyday
  • 90% of online shoppers say video helped them with their buying decisions
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google

Will these convince you to incorporate video marketing into your Marketing Campaign? Maybe not, but you can give it a trial.


Now Check out the video templates available to buy from us. If you are an animal lover, or work with animals, using this pet’s template will send your competitors jealous.

Watch the video below if you have pets business.


For a limited time only, we are giving this Dentist Template FREE! 

Video marketing for small business

Watch the Dentist video template in action:

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If you have never used video as a promotional method for your business, you are missing out on an excellent way to boost awareness and profits. Videos are a great message vehicle for any type of business. While information on the internet will always be associated with the text, online marketing has grown to a point where videos are almost expected from consumers which makes it a practical, and a profitable, marketing option.

According to Marshable:

You need to start thinking about video as a channel for making personal connections.

You are surely leaving money on the table if you are not using videos in any part of your business. Incorporating short videos in your business will allow you to reach a larger share of your marketplace. They can also help you attract more attention and leads which ultimately means more sales and profits.

I’m certain that your business goal is to increase your bottom-line. This can be achieved with the implementation of the right strategy.

Tip: Create videos that are worth sharing.

If you have been looking for the right tool to instantly and persuasively communicate your message to your marketplace, literally forcing them to pay attention to what you have to say, then video marketing could be exactly what you are looking for.

Why video is important to your small business:

Today, it is so cheap and so easy to make a video and upload it to your website or video channel. If you have a smart phone, it is even easier.

So go ahead now and make a video for what you sell or market. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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